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About My Yoga Well

I’m Ali.

I help people to find peace and joy in yoga. The movement, the stillness, the breathing, the philosophy offers us so much. I believe each of us come to the mat perfect, and we get to learn more about ourselves through curiosity and exploration.

My goal is to leave you feeling calm, balanced and supported. To help you get to know yourself better and over time build skills in managing the ups and downs of life. Overall, I want you to feel SO glad that you made the time to do yoga.

I aim to make My Yoga Well sessions accessible for beginners, with enough variety and challenge for those with more experience. You can expect to be offered different options for many of the things we do. Everybody can do yoga however some group classes have recommended requirements (such as being able to get up and down from the floor).

If you have any questions about which class is right for you, please get in touch via email (

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2023 Timetable

Term 1: 30th of January to 6th of April (Good Friday classes by recording only)

To register or find out more, contact

In-Person Floor Yoga

Tuesdays 7.30pm (60min)

Tecoma Uniting Church

Casual class $18 full, $15 concession

Term membership $15/week full, $13/week concession

Online Floor Yoga Classes

Fridays 9.30am (60min)

Live via Zoom

Recording available for one week to use in your own time

Term bookings only - contact for a free trial class

Term membership $15/week full, $13/week concession

Chair Yoga

A 30min class for those wanting to practice yoga with the support of a chair

New class released via email each Friday

Term bookings only - contact for a free trial class

Term membership $9/week full, $7/week concession

For details on upcoming special events, go to the MYW Facebook Page or contact


“I decided to go along to Ali's class to check it out and have never regretted it! Ali's approach encourages everyone to personalise their practice, every time, not just for their baseline expectations of their body, but for how they feel in that moment.”

- Celia

“Ali’s classes every Monday night have become a ritual way for me to start my physically distanced week. I am a more limber and calm person because of them. I am so glad to have found My Yoga Well!”

- Rosemary

“In the short time since joining you my strength & flexibility has improved, I have increased energy & vitality - meaning I'm more productive. I'm enjoying the best deep, unbroken sleep and wake up without the cloudy heavy feeling. Most of all I enjoy the quiet moments, during & between classes where I'm able to give myself gentle reflection & evaluate what's important to me going forward & implementing achievable & sustainable healthy changes.”

- Andrea

“I can’t believe the improvement in my balance, flexibility and strength! I love the stretching and relaxation and 9 times out of 10 I fall asleep by the end. I’m so so glad I discovered you and your beautiful classes.”

- Melinda

“I love the general class because it feels like a subtle workout and a unwinding of the days troubles and triumphs.”

- Louise

“I find the classes calming as well as challenging with some of the movements and sequences. I really enjoy the relaxation at the end of each session and I have been sleeping well too!”

- Carol

“My body is getting stronger and longer and my dodgy left shoulder has got increased range of movement and strength. So many physical and emotional benefits are spilling over from the mat to other areas in my life- from setting an intention at the start of my day to lengthening my posture whilst doing the dishes! I’m more centred and grounded and more connected to what’s really important in life.”

- Amanda


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More Information

Ali Briggs-Miller

I did my first yoga training at Vitality Yoga in Bendigo in 2017. This training is based in hatha yoga, and covered yoga postures, meditation, breathwork, philosophy, history and ethics. I have since taken additional training in gentle yoga, and yoga for vulnerable populations.

Outside of yoga, I am a social worker with previous experience in the disability sector, and am currently undertaking further study in mental health.

I believe deeply in the value and power of each individual, and I feel humbled and uplifted each time I get to support someone to live the life they want.